Guillerdau oyster with green apple gin and tonic and oxalis

6.00, - (each)

Baby tubers roasted in ashes, with spicy herb sauce

6.00, -

Razor clams marinated with miso, shiitakes and citrus fruits with tapioca pearls and fennel

5.00, -

Breaded sea anemones

12.00, -

Grilled mussels with saffron mayonnaise

8.00, -

Spinach croquettes

2.00, - (each)

“10 vetas” Jabugo ham with fig bread and burnet leaves

18.00, -

Crisp Catalan bread with tomato

3.50, -



White asparagus au naturel with cream of foie gras and biodynamic beetroot mixture

18.00, -

Mesclun of wild herbs with crispy leek, “Terròs del Mas Alba” cheese flakes and chopped truffle

14.00, -

Emulsion of cod, lightly coated with wild flower honey

16.00, -

Cuttlefish carpaccio with paprika, broad beans, herbs and wild flowers with crispy potato leaves

17.00, -

Pressed Palamós prawns with avocado paste and “ajoblanco” ice-cream

18.00, -

Cold tomato and watermelon soup with green pepper ice cream, sea fennel cress and smoked sardine

12.00, -

Fried Squid stuffed with zucchini flower  and  sisho vinaigrette

14.00, -



Grilled Girona fillet steak with roasted peppers, black garlic and yucca charcoal

24.00, -

Charcoal-grilled duck magret with pistachio praline and prickly pear sauce

19.00, -

Crispy Iberic suckling pig with carob coulée, salsify and sage flowers

25.00, -

Tataki of tuna on a bed of aubergine, basil and sesame, with Nasturtium flowers

23.00, -

Squid and asparagus sauteed with chopped herbs, sea flowers and dried fruits

18.00, -

Baked turbot on a field of sea wheat with sea anemones sauce

26.00, -

Coast fish grilled with carrot textures, turmeric and ginger

28.00, -

Grill Octopus with jerusalem artichokes

19.00, - 

RICE DISHES (Only for lunch - Min. 2 pers. - price per person)


Rice with fish and shellfish

23.00, -

Carneroli rice with rabbit, langoustines and vegetables

23.00, -



Florilegi (asortment of different flowers with different textures)

10.00, -

“Full Moon” coconut – carrot – mint - flowers

10.00, -

Pineaple infused with hibiscus flowers, served with a tarragon sherbet

7.00 -

“Conguito”, salted peanut ice-cream with mint and dark chocolate sauce

9.00, -

Fresh fruit salad with petals and infusion of sweet herbs (without sugar)

7.00, -

Fonteta curd with cherries and matcha green tea

9.00, -

Chocolate fondant with chili and rose ice cream

7.00, -

Cheeseboard with a selection of home-made cheeses, fruits and chutneys

11.00, -